March 25, 2023

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The government will study the living condition of the six thousand Flemings: “to better align policy with reality.”

Flanders will study the housing situation of 6,000 Flemish people. With the results, Flemish Housing Minister Matthias Debendaele wants to better align policy with reality. He said this to Belga after an interview in “De Tafel van Vier” on Vier.

ltosource: BELGA

Flanders has organized a housing survey before. The most recent was in 2018. The first letters of the latest research were sent out in mid-February. Randomly selected Flemings were invited to participate. For a representative result, at least six thousand families must participate.

They first receive a questionnaire and then a home tech inspection. The information is processed anonymously. In the last survey, in 2018, this technical examination was not performed. That was from 2013.

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The survey contains questions about home, affordability, neighborhood, housing requirements, renovations, and potential reasons for moving. “But not only that, we also want to see for ourselves how they live and analyze their quality,” says DiBendaiel. “The results provide us with a wealth of information about the living situation in Flanders that we can use as policymakers.” Results are expected in the spring of 2024.

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