July 25, 2024

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The Israeli army launches air strikes on Gaza |  Abroad

The Israeli army launches air strikes on Gaza | Abroad

Sirens were heard at night in Ashkelon and other towns in southern Israel. The Israeli army said: “One of the missiles was intercepted by the missile defense shield.” Three more fell into an open field.

Therefore, in retaliation, Israel launched a series of airstrikes on places that Israel claims are Hamas positions in Gaza. “Fighter planes targeted a Hamas arms factory,” the army’s press release said. It appears to be “one of the main sites for manufacturing rockets in the Gaza Strip.” According to eyewitnesses, the site was used as a training camp. The Palestinian enclave has been under Israeli occupation for 15 years.

A Hamas spokesman condemned the attacks, but did not say anything about casualties.

The attacks come almost immediately after US President Joe Biden visited Israel and the occupied West Bank. Biden met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem on Friday. During his visit, Biden announced the provision of $100 million in aid to the hospital network in the Palestinian sector of occupied Jerusalem.

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