April 15, 2024

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The killer just set fire to Nantes Cathedral last summer

Still horror and disappointment France. Oliver Meyer, 60-year-old priest lying dead. According to the first confession, a Rwandan welcome to his community: a refugee accused of being the author of the fire in the Nantes Cathedral where he worked, thanks to the help of Father Myrrh. Another heinous crime against a clergyman, which is sad Wendy (A department in western France), according to investigators’ preliminary findings, have nothing to do with terrorism: the assassination of the provincial governor of the Montfortian Missionary Council of Saint-Laurent-sur-Savre Emmanuel Abaisenka, Father Myr decided to welcome the community.

Rwandan refugee

The killer appeared after the crime in Gendermary. On July 18, 2020, under the control of the judiciary for the Nantes Cathedral fire, Abaysenga (then 39, 8 of whom lived in France) set fire to a religious building and caused severe damage. At that time he was a volunteer in the diocese, and was appreciated and loved by the Church for welcoming him by the grace of Father Mayor. He admitted that he was the author of this role, explaining that he was angry because he feared he would be sent back to Rwanda without being able to renew his expired visa. The justice system has opened an investigation into “deliberate murder” and does not currently appear to have “any motive related to the causes of terrorism.” “Convicted Catholics – cite sources close to the document – far removed from Islamic terrorism”. Throughout the day, messages of condolence and dissent followed in shock in France, with no political controversy between the current administration of Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, who blamed the government: Did not become guilty: this is a complete failure of the state and Gerald Durman. ”

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“What unworthy words! Instead of showing mercy to the Catholics who welcomed this murderer, Mrs. Le Pen argues without knowing the facts,” replied the Home Minister. In the name of the nation, I pay tribute to Father Olivier Mayer. Kind thoughts to Monfortines and all Catholics in France, “the French president wrote on Twitter, adding that” the protection of believers is a priority. “

The Conference of Bishops expressed “deep sorrow” and their “fear.” The suspect is said to have freed himself at Mortagne-sur-Sèvre’s Gendermerie at midnight, after which they opened a door to the community and found the priest’s body. “He added the gender that they want him in jail,” said Deputy Attorney Le Cotter. Abaisheng was arrested a year ago as part of an investigation into the Nantes Cathedral fire and placed under judicial control within the religious community, with residence and signature twice a month. Father Myr contacted Gender just two months ago because the suspect wanted to leave the secured residence. A psychiatric hospital was started for this reason, which was completed about ten days ago.

Salvini: “Clandestino kills priest to welcome him”

Rwanda secretly, he set fire to #Nantes Cathedral, killing the priest who welcomed him today. Stunning. French officials say the killer cannot be expelled because ‘under surveillance … is a prayer and closeness to the Catholic community of #Wendy’. Matteo Salvinio writes on Twitter.

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