July 12, 2024

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The last election debate on RTL: What does The Hague want with your money?

The last election debate on RTL: What does The Hague want with your money?

Led by this duo, Eelco Heinen (VVD), Eddy van Hijum (NSC), Hans Vijlbrief (D66) and Tom van der Lee (GroenLinks-PvdA) will discuss each other.

The debate is mainly about the difficult choices the next government will have to make: about cuts and ever-rising healthcare costs. But also in terms of the minimum wage, housing, and expensive groceries.

The discussion begins at 7:50 pm and can be followed on the RTL Z website and the RTL News website. It’s the final part of RTL’s series of election debates.

Why a separate discussion about RTL Z?

“Because a lot of gifts are handed out during elections. Many great plans are being offered, but how will the parties pay for them? The next government will also have to make difficult choices that will affect the wallets of many Dutch people.” Heger says. “We will force gentlemen to speak out about these difficult choices: Isn’t it inevitable that there will be a higher discount? Will there be cuts? Will costs rise?”

Gentlemen? Is it only men?

“Yes, eye-catching,” Heger says. “In the Netherlands there are only female chief economists at the big banks, but in the House of Representatives, the finance speakers are often male. I don’t know why this happens.”

what are you expecting?

“I expect that clarity will be provided on topics that have so far remained under-revealed,” Reinen looks forward. “In other words, how are they going to pay for all their plans and what are citizens going to notice about this? For example, a third of government spending is spent on health care, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.”

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“I expect a spirited debate,” Heger adds. “The differences are significant on some topics, especially between VVD and GroenLink-PvdA. Looking at his tweets in recent days, I think Tom van der Lee comes to the studio with sharp knives.”

What will your role be, Bart?

“I’m a man of facts who will present difficult topics in a clear way,” Reinen says. “And I have a bell. If the facts are not right, I will intervene. I will also ensure that the gentlemen continue to speak clearly.”

How do you prepare?

“A lot of reading,” Heger says. “Electoral programs but also accounts of the Chinese Communist Party, because they sometimes contain things that are not in the programs. In this regard, it is unfortunate that we do not have accounts of the New Social Contract. But they can also provide nice surprises in the discussion.”