April 21, 2024

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Why can't you just change your username everywhere

Why can’t you just change your username everywhere

It was big news in 2019: you can finally change your PlayStation username. Now this week snap chat Also, announce that you can finally get rid of that embarrassing name you once chose. Keep in mind: This can only be done once a year, so don’t make it too whimsical for fun. But, why is this: that you are now only allowed to change your username. And why can you only change your username once a year?

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There are many reasons behind this strict username policy. You can find out why on Twitter, for example: you can constantly change your username there: for example, you can state that you are currently in a certain country, or that you vote for a certain political party. However, some people create abusive usernames and then have to report them again, which means the brokers have more work to do.

This is ultimately the most cited reason why usernames can’t be changed in this way: the opportunity to abuse this freedom. Not only because, for example, other people get hurt by the username you choose, but also, for example, scammers get freedom to act. After all, faking someone’s account is a lot easier if you can also use the same or almost the same username. For example, scammers can pretend to be you to your friends and, for example, steal money or information from them.

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However, there are more reasons why it is not beneficial to change their username regularly. Sometimes usernames are also account names, for example their account url is constantly changing. This makes it more difficult to find and makes all kinds of URLs busy as well. No wonder Snapchat chose to let you change it only once a year. Free. On some gaming platforms, for example, you can change it often, but it costs money each time. Useful for blocking scammers, as they are more likely to choose a different solution.

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So if you want to change your Snapchat name, it will be possible to do so soon. To do this, click on the Bitmoji icon in the top left and go to your profile. Press settings (gear) and username and then you can get a file Username is changing.

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