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Elden ring |  All we know

Elden ring | All we know

Elden ring | All we know – The release date for FromSoftware’s next adventure is now approaching, as on February 25, players can enter the vast world in the form of two big names: Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin (Game of Thrones). We have already allocated two game previews and very soon to the release it is useful to list all the available information. This article can spoilers About the story, so don’t read further if you want to know as little as possible. With that caveat in mind, let’s delve into the article on everything we know by Elden Ring.

The story and location of the Elden episode

Although we don’t know everything about the Elden Ring story yet, we have little impression of how it worked. In the lands in between – the kingdom you reside in – the world is ruled by the Elden Ring. You can see this as kind of a law book and it’s outlining how things should go. The Elden Ring consists of all kinds of runes that come in small and large sizes. However, one of the great incantations dealing with death was suddenly stolen. Death was a concept that rulers never had to deal with, but that changed. Eternal Marica, Queen of Earth, was pushed to the limits to keep the kingdom together while war was spreading everywhere and nothing but chaos was left.

Demigods rose up against the current rulers and nothing but war continued to plague the lands in between. There was a kind of power vacuum, as each leader tried to seize the opportunity to take the throne and find the new golden order. After all this time of bloodshed, the two strongest faced each other and fought to the death. However, this did not lead to a winner and thus the world was left in a state of collapse. However, the Tarnished – the player – comes onto the scene at this confusing time and it’s up to you to complete the Elden Ring once more. However, given the different endings of the Soulsborne games, it could also be the other way around. Perhaps you think the current situation is good and would rather keep the world in chaos? Choosing to ascend the throne and make the world a better place is probably yours.

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All this takes place in the lands between the regions that are divided into different regions and smaller kingdoms. You can compare the setting to the Dark Souls franchise, only this world is of course much bigger. FromSoftware moves away from linear level design and at Elden Ring you have the freedom to go almost where you want to from the start. Of course, you can choose to just continue the story, but you will undoubtedly miss some areas, so you will probably not find new weapons, spells, armor, and more. As in the other FromSoftware games, we encourage you to explore. Who knows, you might come across secrets that might have more impact than you think. The fate of the lands lies in the hands of the defaulters, and only you have the power to change everything.

Gameplay of Elden Ring

As far as gameplay is concerned, it will feel familiar to Soulsborne fans. You can say that the gameplay in Dark Souls III is the foundation and that other games from this developer add elements to it. You can finally jump in and stealth situations are now possible, something we saw previously in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Furthermore, the infamous Power Stance returns from Dark Souls II, so you can use two weapons of the same type to distribute unique combos. Players who prefer defensive style can also enjoy Elden Ring. Players who like to play with the bow or who like to cast spells will get their money’s worth.

What you can expect once you play it is basically the well-known Dark Souls feel. The big difference, of course, is that all of this happens on the grounds between a large player field. Given the size of the spaces, it makes sense that we’d get a horse at Elden Ring. Early in the game, you will already meet your loyal friend Torrent, who will explore the countries with you. Just like in previous games from FromSoftware, we now also encourage you to get out there and explore. Thus, the gameplay is a mixture of brutal action, exploration, finding secrets and of course the necessary part of death as we know it.

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While exploring, you may encounter patrols, get ambushed all of a sudden and of course discover secret places like hidden caves. These caves can be compared to Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne and in the end you will always meet a boss that you have to defeat. Once you defeat it, it gives different types of rewards that can help you further in your adventure. All hidden sites feel unique and each is designed in its own way. You may also encounter non-playable characters in these dungeons that may come in handy later on, just as you meet these individuals in the rest of the lands in between.

Elden Ring: Pre-order Edition

Like most games, Elden Ring has special editions that we briefly explain below. Players who pre-purchased the Standard Edition – both physical and digital – will receive a digital adventure guide and an additional gesture, which you can use in-game to show off your true strength. The price ranges between €54.99 and €59.99 for most platforms, and the game is not more expensive than other versions of the current generation consoles. You can also choose to buy the deluxe version for €89.99. Here the game will be presented as well as a digital art book and soundtrack.


Elden Ring: Release Edition

For the same price as the Standard Edition, you can also choose to purchase the Launch Edition. This costs €59.99 and with this version you get some nice extras. First of all, you will, of course, be shown the game and you will also receive appropriate art cards. Furthermore, the Launch Edition has a woven patch, decal set and a sticker in 393 x 334 mm format. You can view the edition below.

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Elden Ring: Collector’s Edition

For true fans of the Soulsborne series, a Collector’s Edition is of course also available. For this extended version, you have to dig a little deeper in your bag, because it will cost you 199.99 euros. Of course, for that price, you’ll also get more extras, including a statue of Malenia – Blade of Miquella, an exclusive hardbook and a hard copy of Elden Ring’s 40-page art book. This version is now sold out and you may not be able to find it anymore. Below is the full content of the Collector’s Edition of Elden Ring.


Elden Ring: Premium Collector’s Edition

Finally, there is the most exclusive version of the Elden Ring which is the Premium Collector’s Edition. This is priced at €259.99 and is pretty much the same as the Collector’s Edition. The big difference with the premium version is that you also get a 1:1 replica of the Malenia helmet. Of course this is a nice set that you can put in your closet, display box or on a shelf. This version is exclusively available on Bandai Namco online store and is now fully sold out. The contents of this edition are on the image below.


Elden Ring Previews

In addition to this article, we have had the opportunity to play Elden Ring several times. In November it was the closed network test in which we first introduced the game and got preview wrote about it. In that preview, we delve deeper into the general things about Elden Ring and exactly how the game feels. Recently, we also had the opportunity to work with the latest – and most likely definitive – design of the Elden Ring. Want to know more about the Elden Ring areas and what to find? Then you can go to second preview