April 21, 2024

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The Leeuwarden Water Conservation Institute has struck a blow in America

The Leeuwarden Water Conservation Institute has struck a blow in America

Hydroloop was already active in the US, but mainly on smaller projects. The partnership with Bowersox gives it the opportunity to go there nationwide.

“PowerSox builds entire residential areas. They’ve indicated that this will be their new standard,” says Sabin Steuer, co-founder of HydroLoop. “So all the houses they’re going to build come with this system. It’s incredibly important to us. There’s a lot of drought in a lot of states. So saving water is really important.”

These systems are already installed on a small scale in homes in California.

The agreement was signed at the major technology exhibition CES in Las Vegas. Prince Constantine of Orange was also there. Stuwer says he has played an important role as an ambassador for Dutch start-ups.

Good experience at Hydroloop exhibition. In 2020, the company won four awards there and was selected as ‘ES Best of the Best’. The company has won awards again this year. It won an innovation award. Stuer: “We have now again had many discussions with investors and other interested parties.”

Both companies want to send a clear signal with the agreement: water security must be sustainable and not optional. The deal in Georgia is just the beginning, both companies believe.

Hydroloop systems are currently used in approximately 30 countries worldwide.