February 6, 2023

Taylor Daily Press

Complete News World

How long can Jair Bolsonaro stay in the US? “We must not be a haven for someone who promotes domestic terrorism.”

Either way, Bolsonaro won’t be eager to return to his homeland any time soon. Now that he is no longer president, his immunity has been lifted. At least four criminal investigations are underway in Brazil against Bolsonaro, including for fraud and his handling of the coronavirus crisis. So Bolsonaro is likely to be arrested on Brazilian soil. If he is ever found guilty, he will also lose his right to contest for political office.

So returning to Brazil poses a risk. If he stays in the US, it remains to be seen whether a Brazilian court will issue an arrest warrant. If Bolsonaro does not return to his country of his own volition, Brazil can arrest and hand him over to US federal agents through Interpol.

Bolsonaro’s other option is to apply for asylum in another country. The question is which Latin American country wants to do it. In most countries on the continent, left-wing governments are in power. After yesterday’s incident, the governments stressed their support for successor Lula da Silva. So far abroad?

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