June 20, 2024

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The Lord of the Rings anime movie about Helms Deep will be released in 2024 – IT Pro – .Geeks

Your definition of racism is seriously wrong. A racist is a person who considers a person of another race inferior or unworthy of human dignity and believes that he or she can be discriminated against or ignored on this basis. This is standing completely Regardless of whether there has to be something or someone of a certain race in order to properly perform a certain role in a series or movie.

The simple fact is that most of the races in Tolkien’s books are Western based, and thus not (dark) colored peoples, except for a handful. In that sense, if they were to stay true to the books, it wouldn’t be weird or morally irresponsible at all to hire white people for these roles either. Tolkien also described all the external characteristics of those different breeds in great detail, so it is very easy to distinguish what should be according to the books.

This is also independent of the supposed valid excuse that these are made-up stories and therefore does not matter. So makes we will If you want to stay true to the source material, and it may sound silly to people who think like you, but fans of a particular series or writers who are likely to be passionate about series and movies that do justice to these books, then to a series that makes it kind of a mixed bag, just a few Pathetic people, who couldn’t agree to a series if it wasn’t a “good reflection” of our society.

a look, over there True, this is not necessarily necessary, because the fantasy world does not have to be a true reflection of a real society, so it does not have to satisfy a certain share of different races, species and orientations, but yes, it is very easy to judge and insult everything, if not Fulfills all personal demands/desires of a small group of people who scream the loudest…

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