May 28, 2024

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The Netherlands loses its Eurovision entry: listen to the song here

The Netherlands loses its Eurovision entry: listen to the song here

Dionne Cooper (29) and Mia Nicolay (26) will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. The duet “Burning daylight” is now available online.

Former winner Duncan Lawrence co-wrote the song, which was co-written by Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper which convinced the Dutch selection committee. Along with songwriter Jordan Garfield, Lawrence brought the two together. The Dutch entry is about how you can leave your old life behind and make a fresh start.

also Finland He announced his entry last weekend. It is about Käärijä, the stage name of Jere Pöyhönen. Dressed in leather pants and bright green sleeves, he performs a song about someone looking forward to the nightlife after a hard week. There are also dancers hanging from pink ribbons.

Ukraine sends the binary. Tvorchi stood out during the pre-election by being the only person to perform not a song about war, but rather an uptempo song. The Heart of Steel honors the group of soldiers who resisted Russian forces from the Azov Steel Plant for weeks. Their dress also refers to the war in their country: the dancers wore golden gas masks.

Ukraine won the last edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. But because of the war, the song contest is taking place in the country that took second place: United Kingdom. Liverpool is the host city.

It’s amazing that Sweden He leads the list of bookmakers, although the Scandinavian country has not yet chosen its entry. Obviously, everyone assumes Lauren – who won the festival in 2012 with “Euphoria” and is now impressing again in the preliminary rounds – can try it out again in Liverpool. Sweden will announce the winner of the selections on March 11.

to Belgium Gustav will go to the Eurovision Song Contest with his song “Because of You”.

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