December 8, 2023

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Portland folk music group sees singer leave after seven years: ‘I tried to set boundaries, but in vain’

Portland folk music group sees singer leave after seven years: ‘I tried to set boundaries, but in vain’

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Singer Sarah Peebles is leaving the famous Portland Flemish band. She sang for seven years with the Jente Pironet group, but she thinks that’s enough for now. The band announced this on social media.

“I never thought we would have to share this news with you, but what we feared has come true. Sarah Peebles is leaving the band.” So begins the announcement of Portland’s social media post Thursday. The announcement goes on to talk about years full of painful and beautiful moments, and thank her for who she is and what she did for the band.

Pepels sang all the songs along with Jente Pironet, and their beautiful harmonious voices were also the cause of many people’s admiration. They were welcome guests at Rock Werchter, among others. “Without her, Portland wouldn’t be where it is today,” the statement said.

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Define boundaries

But it is no longer. “The interaction between Jente and I was often charming, but that certainly wasn’t always the case,” says Peebles. I’ve tried to set boundaries, but I feel in vain. I always thought we could save the situation, but it turned out to be hopeless. For these reasons, I decided to leave the band. I am convinced that Jente will reinvent the collection. It was a tough decision and I will miss the band, crew, fans and music, but don’t leave you empty handed. Please enjoy what we’ve been making all these years, have fun love of music(VTM program in which the band participates, edited) And Departurethe second record.

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“Sarah’s departure left a deep impression on me,” says Jente Pironet. “Life as a band is intense and pushes us to the limit. It led to a dynamic that we couldn’t reverse. I regret that the distance that has developed between us cannot be bridged, but respect the decision you make. It will no doubt be different without Sarah, but Portland will remain.”

Portland was a finalist in Humo’s Rock Rally in 2016 and was one of three winners two years later. new light on Brussels Studio. The band has already played at Rock Werchter and has been nominated twice for an MIA Award. Soon Pironet and Pepels can be seen in the new season of love of musicwhere they cover songs of other groups and artists and the same musicians take an interest in their songs.

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