May 24, 2024

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The new K3 Giulia sees the premieres fall into the water...

The new K3 Giulia sees the premieres fall into the water…


Neither the Studio 100 Rewind Party nor Sinterklaas were shown at the Sportpaleis, which also means there is no first performance of the new K3’tje Julia. “I worked hard this week and felt ready. But yes, there are still many shows to come.”

Eileen Debbie

When we got to K3 on the phone, they were lying on the couch for 2 hours. “We are very disappointed,” says Marthy, who was finally allowed out of quarantine today. “It’s a real shame,” adds Julia. “We’ve been rehearsing really hard for the last few days. I had to blast all the dances and songs at a high pace. Today I felt really ready. I was so excited to finally do it. When we heard it was cancelled, I cried for a while. It was always looked upon as this first performance in Rewind Party as the highlight of the match. Well, something else will be the first highlight for me.”

It’s hard to say when the new K3 will debut in front of a large audience. “But in January we will start training for our tour, which will start in March,” Han says. “This will be our first show with Julia. Tomorrow we will be organizing Sinterklaas without an audience. It will be taped and broadcast on Sunday and Monday. So it’s not like everything is falling apart. But it’s not the same thing.” “Hello, Sportpaleis!” Shouting in an empty hall.”

Hanne, Marthe and Julia remain positive: Canceled shows mean more quality time together. “It’s the first time since the final that the three of us are together again,” Hanne says. Martha came out of quarantine this week and Julia was busy recording for the album and singing and dancing lessons. “We can use the time to chat and get to know each other better. Secretly we might not mind (Laughs). ”

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