February 28, 2024

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The new Renault Twingo should offer a lot for the money again –

The new Renault Twingo should offer a lot for the money again –

At Renault, the arrival of affordable small electric cars goes hand in hand with the reincarnation of its most beautiful small cars. After the R5 and R4, the first Twingo is now back! Just like its fine example from the early 1990s, this car should offer relatively a lot for the money.


  • The Twingo will return in 2026
  • Possible for less than 20,000 euros
  • 10 kWh per 100 km

Three years ago, Renault made sure we were on the edge of our seats with the Renault Model 5. Without any major announcement, a modern incarnation of one of Renault's most successful and iconic models ever appeared on our screens. It turned out to be the beginning of a real reactionary attack, because a year later there was a preview of the new Renault 4. More than a year later, we arrive at November 15, 2023, the day when Renault surprised again. Friend and foe, with a particularly sinister innovation: the Renault Twingo concept. As far as Renault is concerned, the original Twingo fits perfectly alongside icons like the R4 and R5, or rather underneath them. The new Twingo will be Renault's most affordable electric car. An analogue of Dacia's spring cousin? Well, to some extent, but of course everything has become a little more modern and, above all, more elegant.

Good example

The designers have succeeded in giving the Twingo's iconic nose a contemporary shape. Of course, this is also largely due to the original, timeless design. The shape of the headlights, with separate indicator units below them, returns to an almost one-to-one ratio on the new Twingo. The distinctive three-part air grille in the hood also returns, although perhaps with a different function. On the sides, the door handles stand out in particular, just like the original, which are a kind of semi-perforated circle that contains a lever to open the door. By the way, unlike the original, the new Twingo is not three-door, but five-door, so it is possible that the rear door handles are hidden somewhere in the C-pillars. In the back of the new Twingo, the artists allowed themselves more artistic freedom. For example, the rear window, much larger than that of the original Twingo, is in a kind of loose part that sticks out of the wagon.

Renault Twingo (illustration: Larsson)

Focus on affordability

All this technical pampering of design is of course well and good, but the most important thing for many is that Renault's new little car is affordable. In this regard, the Twingo of course also has a good reputation. Well, the signs are certainly promising. The new Renault 5 should be available in the showroom for around €25,000, with the Twingo still less than that. There is even talk of less than €20,000, although it remains to be seen whether that will still be realistic by the time it is ready for the market. What will play a major role in keeping the price low is that the battery should be as small as possible, without leaving you with a limited usable range. With a target consumption of 10 kWh per 100 km, the Twingo will in any case be quite economical in terms of electricity, so, for example, a 30 kWh battery pack is enough for a very useful 300 km. If it's a bit quick to load too… All eyes are now first focused on the production version of the Renault 5 electric car, which might actually give a good idea of ​​the technology that could trickle down to the Twingo. The Twingo, like the 5, is almost certainly on a variant of the small AmpR platform.

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Sound promising? And rival Volkswagen seems to think so too, because according to… Handelsblatt Volkswagen may be interested in the new Renault Twingo. It is said to be considering developing its own smaller electric car, possibly called the ID1, on the same basis, in partnership with Renault. Who knows, maybe Renault actually has some progress. This could make the new Twingo successful in another aspect. We expect it to be released on the market in 2026.

Renault Twingo

the original

In 1992, the world was introduced to the spiritual successor to the Renault 4, the first Twingo. A smartly designed city car with a particularly spacious and even somewhat futuristic design. The Twingo combined this with simple but powerful technology and an attractive price, making it a real sales success. In 1994, the first Twingo had its best year in the Netherlands with 8,953 units sold. Over 2.6 million of them were built as of 2007.