April 17, 2024

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The old store of Dutch 'super-influencer' Eloise has been a huge success: 'She has already donated €20,000 to charity' |  Property

The old store of Dutch 'super-influencer' Eloise has been a huge success: 'She has already donated €20,000 to charity' | Property

PropertyNowhere in the Netherlands is a vintage store that receives as much media attention as that of Princess Laurentian (57 years old) and her daughter – “super influencer” Eloise (21 years old). For good reason, as it turns out. In the clothing store “My Lima Lima” in The Hague, the customer is king for a while.

She is known as a fashion designer, and it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Dutch Princess Eloise turned this passion into something tangible. For a month, she has been running a vintage shop in The Hague with her mother. The princess told the Dutch newspaper AD: “When I was a little girl, I wore jewelry from my mother.” “Then I combined that with high-heeled shoes that were so big and beautiful.”

The collection in “My Lima Lima” consists of clothing donated by the royals themselves, as well as items that came their way via third parties. “I remember very well that we would go shopping for new clothes for high school, for example,” Eloise recalls. “One time, when I went to a thrift store with a friend, I saw unique clothing items that had great value and a real story. Yeah, to find that… I don't know, something clicked in my mind. That's what it is for me.”

Profits go to charities

“My Lima Lima” opened a month ago, and business is going well. “We have already been able to give 20,000 euros to the three charities we work with,” says Princess Leontian, who is also in the store with her daughter. This does not mean that the royals pay themselves salaries. After all, the proceeds go entirely to the three charities she supports.

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Countinfluencer Eloise van Oranje with her mother Princess Laurentien in their store. © Frank Jansen

She has often hinted on her social media that the Countess prefers the old fashioned. She regularly shares photos of outfits she has bought at thrift stores. But it was her mother who came up with the song “My Lima Lima.” “It grew out of my wardrobe,” says Princess Laurentian. “At a certain point you become aware of how many beautiful things you have that you no longer wear. Because they were very beautiful twenty years ago, but your body has changed. I wanted to turn that unused capital into something good.

Break the trend

Where it is sometimes in fashion land you did not While wearing the same outfit twice may seem like a reversal lately. “Everything doesn't have to be new anymore,” says Princess Leontian. “It was really different fifteen to twenty years ago. You're seeing it transform.”

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