June 20, 2024

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The Porsche Cayenne (2023) is proudly heading towards its demise

The Porsche Cayenne (2023) is proudly heading towards its demise

The countdown to the Porsche Cayenne has begun. At least, in its current form, because within a couple of years, the world’s best-selling Porsche will have an all-electric successor. Before that happens, Porsche is giving it one last update.

From outcast to success, and from rejection to… Pack leader. When the Cayenne was born more than twenty years ago, the world of Porsche was very small. Loyal 911 drivers felt that the “clunky device” tarnished the sports car brand’s heritage. They predicted a bleak future for him. Although they also had to admit that the Cayenne drove very well for an SUV and was the most practical Porsche ever.

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Approximately 100,000 Cayenne annually

In any case, the newcomer quickly became the success of the manufacturer Zuffenhausen. Also in 2022, the Cayenne lagged behind all other Porsches, with sales of more than 95,000 cars. This is equivalent to twice the number of 911s sold (about 41,000) and almost a third of the total number of Porsches sold.

The Porsche Cayenne (2023) is proudly heading towards its demise

A serious upgrade for the Porsche Cayenne

However, the current Cayenne expands, because the future is also electric at Porsche. To prevent the Cayenne from spending its last days as a lonely old person in the corner of Huize Avondrood, its makers have given it a serious upgrade.

From the outside, you can mainly recognize the facelifted version by the new bumpers and slightly more angular headlights with a changed light signature – with four horizontal LED lines instead of four dots. Less noticeable are the widened fenders and revised hood.

The interior of the updated Cayenne features the arrival of a third screen on the dashboard. Anyone who, in addition to the weekday Cayenne, also has a 911 for Sundays and public holidays, will immediately recognize the steering wheel of their favorite sports car.

More E energy, less V energy

Porsche is not a brand that focuses only on looks, so technology has been addressed as well. All versions received extra power, although in the E-Hybrid this is not due to the turbo V6; It actually dropped from 340 to 304 hp. But thanks to a significant boost to the electric motor’s power (+41 hp), the system’s power is increased from 463 to 470 hp. The software has been adjusted so that the electric motor now plays a greater role in driving. For this reason, Porsche increased the battery capacity from 17.9 to 25.9 kWh.

The Porsche Cayenne (2023) is proudly heading towards its demise

How economical is the Cayenne E-Hybrid?

Thanks to this additional boost, the Cayenne can now travel up to 74 kilometers purely electric. The electric maximum speed is 135 km/h. During the first test drive, the car’s on-board computer showed a consumption of 9.0 l/100 km (1 in 11). Not bad for 2.5 tons of rolling steel with about 500 horsepower. In the Sport and Sport Plus driving modes, the electric motor shares 20 and 30 percent of the remaining power, respectively.

The combustion engine is rarely used in city traffic. Good for air quality, but the battery drains faster. For this reason, Porsche has increased the regeneration capacity from 66 to 88 kW. You can feel it too, because previously the plug-in hybrid car only slowed down to 14 km/h during regeneration, now it can maintain that speed up to 2 km/h.

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The Porsche Cayenne (2023) is proudly heading towards its demise

Addictive SUVs

The V6 engine and electric motor go together like Lennon & McCartney on their best days; It produces a pleasant, but not too intrusive sound, and very quickly. The Hundred Run is a fast and fun 4.9 second routine. But the fact that we prefer to turn the Cayenne gray isn’t just due to the drivetrain. The chassis and steering also play an important role in the addiction of this SUV. Standard coil springs with two-valve shock absorbers provide pleasant comfort. If desired, the optional air suspension system adds a touch of civility.

Although the Cayenne is still a hell of a car, it is now lighter and more user-friendly than before. This is partly due to the differently tuned steering and adaptive shock absorbers. Furthermore, with a heavier battery at the back, the weight distribution is close to perfect.

Porsche warranty is a joke

If you opt for all-wheel steering, which is available at an additional cost, you’ll notice, especially in city traffic, that it steers more at lower speeds than before. Don’t try to run the car on a dime, but on a 2 euro coin it should run.

Do we have nothing to complain about then? However, the brakes are too harsh for us, and the price takes a big chunk out of your budget. You can buy a Cayenne E-Hybrid for less than 110,000 euros. At a price Porsche Cayenne Coupe The E-Hybrid even comes in at €113,200. Then this guarantee: two years! This is a joke nowadays, especially if you know That Lexus is ten years ahead.

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This can be done much faster

The Cayenne may have been a great success for many years, but in its current form it has begun its farewell tour. It deserves the evergreen seal for its driving characteristics and performance, especially as a plug-in hybrid. But the electric vehicle revolution is well under way, and the Cayenne must make way for a new all-electric version. Until then, it has to compete against hybrid versions of almost as expensive versions Range Rover Sport And obviously cheaper BMW X5. If the test car’s 470 hp isn’t enough for you, soon you can also opt for the Porsche Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid with more than 700 hp! If it doesn’t end in a bang…