February 1, 2023

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The Republican congressman who wrote on Fox News about the lies: “Don’t you know shame?”

Since recently elected Rep. George Santos admitted to lying about his origin and education, he took a total blow during an interview on Fox News on Wednesday. The Long Island Attorney General has launched an investigation into the lies.

It hasn’t been a great week for newly elected Republican Congressman George Santos. The People’s Representative admitted earlier this week that he embellished his resume. This is how it went New York times Among other things, Santos has been known to lie about his education, work experience in leading financial firms, and his heritage.

The Republican was asked about those lies this week by Tulsi Gabbard on Fox News, his first televised appearance since the lie broke. Santos maintained during the conversation that he was not a “fraud”, although he had to admit that he had spread lies on many levels. “My question to you is, don’t you know shame?” Gabbard asked rhetorically.

Partial apologies were made for his education, but he insisted he had committed no crime. Many people exaggerate their resumes. Honestly: who wouldn’t do that now? ‘, he told US media on Monday. He has not yet withdrawn his candidacy for the House of Representatives and will be sworn in on January 3, despite the controversy.


The Fox News anchor repeatedly referred to his “shameful lies” to the Republican congressman during the interview. “You don’t seem to be taking any of this seriously,” said Gabbard, to whom Santos appeared to be struggling to defend himself. In his autobiography, he claimed to have worked for Citibank and Goldman Sachs, but Santos now believes this to be “controversial” and “not at all fake.”

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He later said, “We could discuss my autobiography, but this whole thing is really about the presidents of the American people.” “In this conversation you will not only retract the lies you have told, but now insult the intelligence of your constituents,” said Gabbard sharply. “How can people trust you if you are not willing to fully admit to cheating?”

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Gabbard pressed Santos more about his Jewish heritage. During his campaign, he sent a message to potential voters describing himself as a “proud American Jew”. Santos responded that he was “of Jewish descent” and had always considered himself a “Jew”, even though he was “raised Catholic”.

A day later, Santos also faced questions over conflicting tweets about his mother’s death. A post on his official Twitter account states that she died in the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York. Another post said she passed away in 2016.


On Wednesday, the Long Island attorney general said the situation is under investigation. The lawyer said Santos’ fabrications and inconsistencies were “mind-boggling”. “Residents of Nassau County and other parts of the county must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress,” said Nassau County Attorney Ann Donnelly. “If a crime is committed, we will sue.”

The Republican Jewish Coalition condemned Santos’ lies in a statement on Tuesday. Two other New York Republicans issued statements on Tuesday denouncing Santos’ lies. For example, fellow Republican Nick Lalotta called on the House Ethics Committee to begin the investigation immediately.

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