June 2, 2023

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The speaker of the Russian House of Commons wants to punish people who support the Hague Criminal Court | outside

Volodin’s distaste for the court stems from the recent arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court against President Vladimir Putin for war crimes in Ukraine. In Russia, a criminal investigation has already been launched against the public prosecutor and three judges of the Criminal Court in The Hague. According to the Russian judiciary, the judges of the International Criminal Court have made illegal decisions and an investigation is being opened against them. The Kremlin calls the ICC’s orders legal without foundation.

The United States has previously taken numerous measures to prevent Americans from appearing before this court. Proceedings against prominent ICC employees, including the Prosecutor General, have been announced for some time. A special law justified global military intervention if the Americans were detained for trial by the International Criminal Court. The law was jokingly referred to as the Hague Invasion Law.

In response, China, which does not recognize the court, condemned Putin’s arrest warrant. The ICC must avoid “double standards” and respect the “immunity of heads of state”. Beijing points to Western influence over the ICC and its years of lack of crime-related cases in Afghanistan and Israel, for example.

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