September 22, 2023

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"Republicans Send Flight With Immigrants To Biden's Country Retreat" - Final Destination Device Changed |  Abroad

“Republicans Send Flight With Immigrants To Biden’s Country Retreat” – Final Destination Device Changed | Abroad

The White House confirmed Tuesday that it is aware of a flight of migrants en route to an area near US President Joe Biden’s vacation home in Reboboth Beach, Delaware. The White House says it is a “political ploy” by Republicans, which promises to work with local authorities to house immigrants. But later in the day, it turned out that the plane had changed course and was heading to Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Last week, Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis already sent two flights of illegal immigrants from Venezuela to Martha’s Vineyard, an affluent island in the Democratic-majority state of Massachusetts. Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott did something similar when he sent two buses carrying immigrants to Vice President Kamala Harris’s Washington residence. For now, DeSantis has not yet indicated whether he is behind the latest stunt.

“political theater”

The White House said it was working closely with local authorities and received no warning from DeSantis. “His only goal is to create chaos,” White House spokeswoman Karen-Jean-Pierre said, referring to “political theater” and a “cruel and deliberate political ploy.”

DeSantis, who hopes to be re-elected governor of Florida in November and is considered a potential candidate for the 2024 presidential election, is sending the governors of Texas and Arizona to immigrants to Democratic-controlled cities to criticize them. Addressing the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border, where record numbers of immigrants have entered the US illegally.

Delaware Governor John Carney said the state is working with the federal government and other groups and is “prepared to accommodate these families in an orderly manner.”

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Itinerary websites show that the flight that was supposed to take off in San Antonio, Texas and head toward Georgetown, Delaware, is now bound for Nashville. It is unclear why the flight path was changed and if there were migrants on board.

Republicans direct immigrants to the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris