January 29, 2023

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US immigrant organization sues Florida governor over immigrant trips to Massachusetts |  Abroad

US immigrant organization sues Florida governor over immigrant trips to Massachusetts | Abroad

US Immigrant Aid is suing Florida Republican Governor Ron Dientis over two more flights last week that took about 50 illegal immigrants from Venezuela from Texas to Massachusetts. According to the Alianza Americas indictment, the flights only served DeSantis’ own financial and political interests and misled the immigrants involved.

The organization says the immigrants were recruited on the street near shelters in San Antonio, Texas. Governor officials promised to move them to Boston and Washington, where they would receive assistance. However, the two planes landed on Martha’s Vineyard, an affluent island in the majority Democratic state of Massachusetts.

There they were left to their own devices; Late at night, without water or food and without anyone knowing they had arrived. Alianza Americas states that this has been the intention of DeSantis employees from the beginning.

According to the organization, the state of Florida paid $615,000 (more than $616,000) for the two trips, the equivalent of $12,300 for each immigrant.


DeSantis and his fellow Republicans from the border states of Texas and Arizona previously bused thousands of immigrants to cities like New York, Washington and Chicago. These cities are in Democratic hands and, according to Republican governors, should bear the brunt of Democratic President Joe Biden’s immigration policy.

San Antonio police announced Monday that a criminal investigation has been opened into the two flights bound for Martha’s Vineyard.

Immigrants sent by Florida’s governor to Martha’s Vineyard congregate at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Edgartown. © AP

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