November 27, 2022

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The richest woman in Africa is wanted by Interpol

The richest woman in Africa is wanted by Interpol

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Portuguese news agency Lusa reports that Isabel dos Santos, the wealthy daughter of the man who ruled mineral-rich Angola for 38 years, is wanted by Interpol for fraud and embezzlement. The 49-year-old is considered the richest woman in Africa and is the daughter of former President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who died in July.

Angola accuses her of stealing state funds for years. As the president’s daughter, she would have funneled billions of dollars into her own accounts or companies. Isabel dos Santos entered into a variety of businesses during her father’s reign, including oil, diamonds, telecommunications, and banking.

There have been cases against her for years alleging that she transferred funds from the state to private companies. Earlier this year it was still in a court case in Amsterdam where Angola is contesting the ownership of assets in a Dutch company of its own. Dos Santos is said to have conducted several controversial transactions through a Dutch credit bureau, among others.

Dos Santos has defended herself by saying that she has been a victim of political reprisals since her father’s resignation in 2017. She claims to be a successful businesswoman who did nothing wrong. According to Justice Angola, she must be tracked down and extradited for embezzlement, fraud, forgery, membership of a criminal organization, nepotism and money laundering. Lusa said she faces up to 12 years in prison in Angola.

She has several passports and will stay in Dubai, but she often visits Portugal and England. This is why Angola summoned Interpol. Angola has no extradition behavior with the United Arab Emirates, to which Dubai belongs.

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