May 26, 2024

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The royal expert sees Prince Harry in 2022 as bleak: “His feud with William will only inflame” |  Property

The royal expert sees Prince Harry in 2022 as bleak: “His feud with William will only inflame” | Property

PropertyIn 2022, Britain’s Princes Harry, 37, and William, 39, will not settle their dispute, according to property expert Peter Hunt. “Harry’s biography next year is not an attempt to make up with his family. In all likelihood, it will only make matters worse.”

“I don’t see any scenario where Harry will use his book to strengthen ties with his family,” Hunt told LBC. He expects Harry to see his autobiography as a way to clear his name and raise money for his family. It wouldn’t work if he only had nice things to say about the royals. He also made striking statements about them in the past. It wouldn’t be any different now.”

So Hunt expects the feud between Harry and William to continue into the next year. “There was always frustration with Harry because he didn’t really understand his role in the royal family. Everything accelerated when Meghan got married. She was also not satisfied with her place in the family, she wanted more responsibility, but she didn’t get it. William, on the other hand, is frustrated with All the accusations made by his brother to the media. For example, Harry accused the royal family of racism.

“Right now, the gap is pretty big,” Hunt said. “And there is not a single person around them who can help solve it. This is usually a parent’s job. But their father, Prince Charles, has obviously lost touch with Harry as well. There is no one who can and wants to put the pieces together. So I’m afraid the situation will go on for so long that It never works out between two brothers.”

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