December 6, 2023

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Dwayne Johnson claims Vin Diesel manipulated him into 'Fast and the Furious' |  celebrities

Dwayne Johnson claims Vin Diesel manipulated him into ‘Fast and the Furious’ | celebrities

celebritiesIn early November, Vin Diesel (54) made an emotional appeal to Dwayne Johnson (49) on Instagram. He wanted to settle their dispute and asked The Rock to return as Luke Hobbs in the latest Fast & Furious movie. However, the latter did not accept his offer. Meanwhile, Johnson himself claims that Diesel manipulated him into getting back.

Dwayne Johnson has said several times in the past that he has no intention of returning to the franchise. In an interview with CNN, the actor said that Vin Diesel’s Instagram message came as a big surprise to him. According to Johnson, the two actually had a private conversation about the whole situation.

“In June, I was still in touch with Finn. Not through social media, but I told him directly that I had no intention of returning to the franchise.” He continues: “My response was firm, but polite. I told him that I would always support the actors and that I sincerely hoped that the franchise would continue to be successful. But my chance of a comeback was nil,” it seems clear in the interview.

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According to Johnson, Vin Diesel played the emotional card with the involvement of his children and the death of their late teammate Paul Walker is an exaggeration. His latest social media post is an example of his manipulative behaviour. Leave your kids and Paul out of this. We discussed this months ago and came to a clear agreement.”

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Johnson, as he put it, always intended to gracefully finish his role in the franchise. This is compromised by Vin Diesel’s behavior, according to the actor. “But I only wish the best for my classmates for the next semester.” Vin Diesel himself has not yet responded to the statements of his former teammate.

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