March 4, 2024

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The simple bow is suddenly everywhere.  “About tangerines, toilet paper, glass or pool cue,” but why?  |  Nina

The simple bow is suddenly everywhere. “About tangerines, toilet paper, glass or pool cue,” but why? | Nina

Do you remember the “Millennium Mustache”? Well, the Gen Z counterpart was born: the bow tie. There's no escape while scrolling, and the accessory isn't just integrated into fashion. Cocktails, cutlery, toilet rolls and tangerines are also decorated with them. In short: the bow is a necessity of the moment. But where does this popularity come from?

In fact, this accessory goes back centuries: it has been used to decorate women's clothing and locks since the 18th century. In 2024, Sagittarius is again very popular. And not only in the world of fashion. Videos and memes in which the item is used in a ridiculous way are flooding the Internet.

Of course, this trend did not come out of nowhere.

A look from Simone Rocha – A look from Carolina Herrera – A look from Dior. © Instagramsimonerocha – Getty Images – Getty Images

Early in 2022, many fashion designers sent their models to the catwalk with bows. Simple ribbons, elegantly integrated into hair and fashion, made a comeback for the first time. From Simone Rocha and Sandy Liang to Dior and Carolina Herrera, bows were widely seen at many of the fashion shows that year.

Little by little we saw the bow becoming more popular. Of course, progressive fashion examples like Hailey Bieber have already jumped on the bandwagon. We've seen little ribbons in her hair a few times. She was seen on the red carpet wearing a pink dress decorated with bows.

Since last year, we have seen more and more influencers and young people completing their looks with braces. Although the trend has remained relatively modest.

Hailey Bieber is clearly a fan of this accessory.
Hailey Bieber is clearly a fan of this accessory. © Instagram @HaileyBieber

Sagittarius saw massive growth towards the mainstream at the end of last year

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Only now the bow has become a fashion item that the trend-sensitive Generation Z wants. Google Trends speaks of a massive breakthrough, because since November 2023, searches for braces have continued to rise. The hashtag gets billions of views on TikTok.

Today, bows are no longer reserved for celebrities or catwalks, but rather complete the current.

Young people eagerly add ribbons to their hair or bows to their clothes. And that may be so Over the top if you want. Some choose a simple single bar, others choose Everyone out And add bows to your heart's desire… Don't worry if the hairstyle seems a little difficult. There are plenty of tutorials online that teach you how to add a bow to your hair in just a few steps.

It's no surprise that so many people are succumbing to this trend: it's a simple (and cheap) way to give your look a chic, creative and playful touch. Feminine accessories also fit perfectly with the coquette trend that has been around for a while, where you wear pastel colors and feminine clothing or ballerina-style items.

Instagram @georgina.gigi - Instagram @mazallah - Instagram @matildadjerf
© Instagram @georgina.gigi – Instagram @mazallah – Instagram @matildadjerf

Sagittarius as a cultural phenomenon

In short: The bow is very popular and we have seen this accessory well represented on social media for some time, as part of Appearance or outfit. But Gen Z's obsession goes much further than that. From one moment to the next, sometime around the turn of the year, the bow transcended the fashion world and grew into a true cultural phenomenon.

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People also incorporate bows into their table decorations or interior designs, creating beautiful results. But the element is also used in satirical contexts, such as memes, Rollers And Photo dumps. 'Gen Z's bows are the mustaches of the millennium“, it appears online, in an Instagram post containing photos of a pool cue, pool balls, an espresso martini and a shot glass with bows tied around it.

More unusual items such as toilet rolls, cutlery, Tabasco and pieces of tangerines… are decorated with bows. Often with text 'That's me if you even care' bee (“That's me, if you care,” Ed.). The bow symbolizes “Girls“Or girls’ guys, and it fits in perfectly.” alive Too much femininity.

Plus, it fits in with many of the girls' trends of the past few months, just think Math girl or Girl dinner.

But this item is not limited to girls and women. Instagrammer Seann Altman, among others, devotes his entire profile to showing off his elaborately braced look.

New millennium drinker?

In short: It's clear that the younger generation longs for simpler times. A simple bow is enough to put a smile on their faces. The bow's sudden popularity has become so random, some people compare it to the mustache craze of the 2000s, in the middle of the hipster era.

Overnight, millennials, who were younger at the time, became obsessed with mustache images. Mugs, t-shirts, jewelry, diaries, tattoos: suddenly the mustache was everywhere, and like the bow, it wasn't a new phenomenon.

Picture for clarification.
Picture for clarification. © Getty Images

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