May 26, 2024

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The story of Minga, the mother cat who jumped into the fire to save her kittens

He left them in a stable. In the warmth of a barn, the place where she thought it was safe for the puppies and the place where she brought them food. But when she realized they were in danger she threw herself into the barn fire without thinking twice. This is a story from Edmonton, Canada, about Minka, who suffered burns to her stomach, feet and ears in an attempt to save her kittens from those fires and to follow her maternal instincts. Was swallowing everything in their path.

Minka and Francis, the mother cat and son survived the fire

She did what she could, but her heroic gesture was not enough to save everyone. Eventually one of his kittens survived. The mother and puppy were taken to a shelter where they were packed with animals that were in the structure but somehow decided to take care of them: “No matter how full we are in an emergency like this, we are the best and our caregivers. That shouldn’t be allowed, “said Christine Golden, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

A week after the tragedy, at least there is good news: Minga and Francis, so they were invited to the shelter, and they are recovering better and smaller. “It was an incredible week in every way: to welcome the sweet Minka and Francis into our lives, to see them change, to see her body heal, and most incredibly, not just our Edmonton family, who love animals everywhere. The world that loves her, she understands what we did. Puts.

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