February 21, 2024

Taylor Daily Press

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New York pays $ 100 each for vaccinators – world

“$ 100 per vaccine” in New York. This is the latest initiative launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio, which is urging people to get the Govt vaccine. “Those who are vaccinated will receive $ 100 and we thank them for their responsible action,” said Di Blasio.

In the state, 2,203 new Govt cases have been registered as on June 28 as compared to 275. Most of the new epidemics are in New York City and parts of Long Island.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has ruled that all civil servants must show evidence that they have been vaccinated against Govt-19 or have to be tested every week. The New York Times reveals it. The governor announced stricter rules for all state hospitals, saying any patient who contacts health workers must have already been vaccinated or have been vaccinated. There will no longer be the option to take the exam. Cuomo’s announcement comes two days after a similar decision by New York Mayor de Blasio for city employees.

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