April 21, 2024

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Arseno Lupine loves scooter today- Corriere.it

It was first carried out with the help of Trotinet, the most ubiquitous electric scooter in Paris, on Tuesday at the Summit Jewelry Store in Phranois I, in the Golden Triangle near Champs Elysees. The sign of the times. If you go by the cars of the pre-Netflix pre-Arseno Lupine luxury Aviation Voice cars, the mechanisms for the most daring shots in central Paris in recent years have been less elegant: the man in the porcelain hat who stole 6, 8 million jewels from Sopard in 2009. Come and walk; In 2014, two criminals became very nervous with Balaclavas and shotguns who stole watches from Colette for 600 thousand euros and escaped on a scooter; At 4:50 a.m. the following year, gang robbers who stole two million pieces of jewelry from Castile exaggerated, using an off-road vehicle to break windows and escape in a second 4×4.

In Paris, so-called bicycles, scooters and various skateboards have become so commonplace that they can be used for robbery. Fast and popular electric scooter: Perfect for not attracting attention. Surveillance cameras recorded a man in his 50s wearing a gray suit in front of the store on a scooter driven by one of the three (others Lime and Dot) approved in the capital. Quietly Summit stepped inside, pointed a gun at the shop assistants, handed over the jewelry for nearly three million euros, and went on the same scooter: 20 kilometers per hour, enough to deal with some but traffic congestion.

The scooter robber was arrested by police yesterday, With an accomplice and robber, on a bus going to Serbia, in a service area near the Mets. His unusual shot may have been a result of what many expected, a plate’s duty to Trotnet as well.

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