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China, Protestant businessman Sun Dao jailed for 18 years: “It disrupts public order” – Corriere.it

From Guido Sandewecci

Entrepreneur had created a village for his 9,000 employees with schools, a hospital and a stadium. But random idealists are not tolerated by Xi Jinping

Eighteen years imprisonment: This is the sentence imposed Sun Taw, 67, is an imaginary millionaire That It transformed a rural village into a model city for its 9,000 employees And their families in Hebei province, near Beijing. “The wealth produced must be evenly redistributed,” he wrote in front of the entrance to his farm. Member of the party since 1972, he defined himself A Confucian communist. He was imprisoned for five months for the first time in 2003, except that he entered into a confrontation with the Communist Party. The Sun recently made a name for itself Criticism of the authorities at the beginning of the Govt-19 epidemic; Earlier it also condemned the cover-up of swine flu in 2019; And for many years He supported some dissidents, including Liu Xiaobo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Paying their attorney fees. He was arrested in November for a dispute over land exploitation with a neighboring state-owned company. But after months of silence, the indictment was fraught with more serious allegations: it had organized its staff into a mob to attack state institutions and “disrupt public order.” The formula used when you want to get rid of a dissident.

The Sun Dao arrest was made on November 11, 2020, by an operation carried out by 300 police officers with the support of dog units. Action against terrorism. 19 Sun family members and executives from the company’s 28 subsidiaries were jailed: they are now serving between one and twelve years in prison. During interrogation, the adversary had the courage to expose the horrific systems used by the police to confess unspoken sins: one of his sons said he was thereThirty hours following the chair, until the legs and arms are swollen Causing severe pain; Said the millionaire’s brother There is no medical treatment for hernia. “The treatment I experienced caused me indescribable pain, and in recent months life has been worse than death. They have denied me even the sight of sunlight,” Sun Tao said in a statement released by his bodyguards.

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Sun defended his industrial model: «I declare here that I have run my business in a better way, in order to redistribute prosperity to all employees; You are now saying that 38 years of jump team history is 38 years of crime. Sun Jump, Former soldier of the People’s Liberation Army, After he was discharged, he worked at the Agricultural Bank of China, then, in 1989, he founded his own The company starts with 50 pigs and 1,000 chickens and hens. Its modern and prudent management led to a construction Millionaire Company, which expanded into agribusiness and healthcare. He had decided to motivate the staff by building A village to integrate the work and life of the workers, It has schools, a thousand-bed hospital and a sports stadium. He said of the hospital: “I would be honored if he lost money to better care for the people.” The Jump Group had organized technical institutes for the training of farmers and ranchers.

Sun Tao called himself A “Confucian Communist”. A dictatorial and patriarchal captain of the industry, in the old fashioned way, he still delivered as he was out of the box An alternative to the Chinese state capitalist model. Prior to the arrival of Xi Jinping, party-government non-aligned idealists were highly tolerated, especially if they contributed to the development of the national economy. Now Spontaneous thinking, perhaps strange and utopian, is no longer allowed And individual bourgeois (very individual) accuses one another. The prediction of Liu Xiaobo, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, has unfortunately come true. Liu, who was imprisoned in 2017, once said that Sun Dao would also be persecuted by Beijing because he had the courage and resources to propose a change in China, thus “challenging the power structure”.

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