May 21, 2024

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The study found that the delta variant could double the risk of unvaccinated people being hospitalized

The study found that the delta variant could double the risk of unvaccinated people being hospitalized

Angels A new study revealed disturbing news about the delta region that has not yet been vaccinated Corona Virus. That’s because the average number of new coronavirus infections in the United States is more than 150,000 a day, a 21% increase in the past 14 days.

COVID patients are sweeping hospitals from coast to coast, causing a sudden surge in summer. The delta variant – which is more contagious than the original “alpha variant” that is spreading around the world – more than doubles the risk of hospitalization for the unvaccinated, According to a British study Gepubliceerd in Infectious Diseases Lancet.

Researchers studied more than 40,000 cases of Covid-19 between March and May – when the Delta variant was launched in Britain – to compare hospital admissions. The results are very similar to preliminary data from a Scottish study that indicated that the delta variant led to more hospitalizations.

“The results indicate that patients with the delta variant are at more than twice the risk of hospitalization compared to patients with the alpha variant,” According to a British study. “Emergency room participation associated with hospitalization was also higher for patients with the delta variant, indicating increased use of emergency care in addition to hospitalization.”

Coronavirus COVID-19 Oregon
Two visitors look at the room of a COVID-19 patient in the intensive care unit at Salem Hospital in Salem, Oregon.

Andrew Silsky/AFP

Meanwhile, ambulances are being sent away to emergency rooms like those in Atlanta.

In seven states, more than 90% of intensive care beds are full, according to federal data. The number of beds in intensive care units in Alabama has run out, leading to a massive vaccination rush.

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Nationally, the number of deaths from COVID has increased by 355% since the beginning of July. Louisiana recorded 139 deaths in one day on August 24, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In South Carolina, a funeral home manager said he hasn’t seen many deaths from COVID.

Director Robert Burning told CBS Florence, South Carolina WBTW-TV.

But there are survival stories. Jacob Larson, one of Colorado’s first COVID patients, is back to sing for the doctors who saved him.

Dr Ayman Raouf, who treated Larson, said: “The biggest ‘thank you’ anyone can give a healthcare provider is to go get the COVID vaccine.'”

Larson, who spent 20 days in the hospital, received his vaccine.

Meanwhile, nearly 60% of those eligible in Los Angeles County have so far been vaccinated — less than the 70% that experts say is necessary for herd immunity.

The spread of Covid causes a shortage of intensive care units in hospitals…