February 21, 2024

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The Sun’s apologies aren’t enough for Harry and Meghan

The Sun’s apologies aren’t enough for Harry and Meghan

“I hate Meghan Markle on a cell level,” British TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson wrote in his column. the sun. He continued, “I look forward to the day when she is made to walk naked through the streets, while the mob throws their excrement on her.” With this piece, Clarkson wanted to express his dislike for a documentary in which British Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, expressed their complaints about the British royal family, but they crossed the line. In recent days, the British media regulator has received 20,000 complaints, columnists have been condemned, and even Clarkson’s daughter has distanced herself from his views.

Clarkson has since taken his column offline, admitting it was “clumsy.” He promises “more caution” in the future. Also the sun He apologized, though he passed some of the responsibility onto Clarkson. Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan refused to apologize. ‘Any the sun Not contacting us directly to express their regrets shows that this is nothing more than another PR stunt. A real apology would be a change in their ethical approach. Unfortunately we don’t hold our breath for that. (nl)

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