September 21, 2023

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Tears at Chateau Meilland over Code Rosie being pelted with eggs: ‘Totally upset’

Tears at Chateau Meilland over Code Rosie being pelted with eggs: ‘Totally upset’

After a successful trial weekend, the Meilandjes welcome their first real guests to their ‘self-catering guesthouse’. Maxime doesn’t have much confidence in him before the official opening. “If I could make an estimate, I think it would last a year,” says Martin and Erika’s daughter. Maxime takes the necessary photos of the guest house for the site. At the time of first bookings, these were not yet available. “That’s actually pretty weird,” Erica laughs. “People have confidence in us, and that’s a good thing.” Unfortunately, Martine, especially Martine, laughs quickly.

“The day before the opening, people start throwing eggs. Strange, isn’t it,” sighs the former castle lord as he takes a cloth over the windows. “What do you mean you’ll throw away the eggs?” When the municipality then fired back at them by reprimanding the Melandages over the statement the day before the opening, Martin collapsed.

“He’s totally upset,” Erica says. He explains how the thorn is located in the stem. “We got a permit to demolish the section. The municipality said: Yes, this is good. Now they say: There is no longer a house, only a guest house, which is not in accordance with the zoning plan.” The Melanges would therefore be violating themselves if they allowed their guests to sleep there. “Things went wrong with the demolition permit.”

“There’s always something wrong with us,” Maxim adds to her parents’ disappointment. Meanwhile, Martin is worried about the twelve boxes of oranges already ready for all the breakfasts. Then the Master of Reality decides to sacrifice himself: he spends the night in a part of the guest house that is actually still in ruins, but in this way they comply with the rules of the municipality. “Then we don’t have to disappoint these people.”

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And so it came to pass that Martin prepared to spend the night in the boarding house on a stretcher. With construction lamp as mood lighting. One viewer, perhaps too late, comes up with a brilliant solution for the Melandje family. “If they were still looking for someone to live in Martin’s temporary room, I would say: There’s only one person well suited for this.” “There’s nothing wrong with that, quite well Olof.” Olof was having a really good time in the Marian engine room B&B full of love.

Chateau Meyland It can be watched every Monday at 8:30pm on SBS6 and you can watch it here.

Aran Badi spoke to Martijn and Erika at the time about the dispute with the municipality and Martijn’s temporary accommodation: