September 27, 2023

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You shouldn’t miss this on TV tonight

You shouldn’t miss this on TV tonight

Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland

documentary. In 1968, tensions between the Catholic and Protestant communities reached their peak after decades of relative peace. Hopes for equality fade with the suppression of the civil rights movement demanding equal rights for Catholics. The British Army was deployed and Northern Ireland became embroiled in the conflict.

10:10pm on canvas.

With Joris – the road to Metegor

documentary. Joris van Rossem talks about the life he now lives as a successful singer, Metegor. The singer and his production manager Hans Franken also talk about their long search for the right song, and how all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place in 2021.

At 9.40pm on VTM.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

film. More than a decade after John Connor prevented the demise of human civilization, he encounters a new, advanced cyborg killing machine, the TX, which has taken the form of a beautiful woman. In his battle, Connor can count on the help of the mysterious Destroyer, who has been brought back from the future to save his skin.

8.35pm on VTM 4.

Schlavende Hunde

A traumatized experienced police officer and an ambitious young prosecutor. Detective Mike and Prosecutor Julie live in Berlin, they don’t know each other, but they both in their own way question the death of a convicted criminal in prison. It soon becomes clear that their biggest opponents are not criminals, but corrupt elements in their justice system.

On Netflix.

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Preparation Transatlantic It seems a far cry from World War II. As dark, cruel and sad as most war movies are, Marseille is sunny, charming and optimistic in this historical drama. The screenplay is inspired by the true story of the Emergency Rescue Committee, led by Varian Fry, along with Mary Jane Gould and two Jewish allies. They risk their lives and help refugees escape occupied France, including several artists on the Nazis’ most wanted list. More than two thousand people were able to survive the war as a result, such as the artist Max Ernst, the philosopher Hannah Arendt, and the writer Heinrich Mann.

On Netflix.

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White House Plumbers

Yes, Minister, vice president, Thick of it, Years and yearsYes even The 16th: We don’t easily say no to good political satire. So it’s something to look forward to White House PlumbersIt is a five-part miniseries about the Plumbers, played by Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, who had to do everything in their power to ensure Richard Nixon’s re-election. Their duties also included robbing the Democratic Party office. We all know how that ended thanks to the Watergate scandal. The director is David Mandel, who produced and co-wrote the last three seasons of Veep Saturday Night Live, Seinfeld And Curb your enthusiasm. So this has to end better than that infamous robbery.

On streams.

Someone somewhere

There are no big stars, no evocative synopsis, and no amazing scenes. However, the first season of Someone somewhere It was one of the best I saw last year. A small but very beautiful series about some loners and strangers living in a town somewhere in the middle of the United States. Among all these colorful characters is Sam, played by Bridget Everett, who also wrote the series. Troubled by the past, she finds a place and herself again. She produces wonderful slices of life, sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and always exquisitely beautiful. Season 2 continues on the chosen path, with seven relatively short episodes once again. Watch only.

On streams.


The last of us It’s just finished, and the next dystopian series is already here. Could it have something to do with the era? in silo After the end of the world, 10,000 people will remain on Earth. They reside in a silo hidden deep underground – and no cat knows how they got there – where they must live according to a number of strict rules to survive. Just an engineer, played by Rebecca Ferguson (Sand dunes, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation), find out more about it. It wouldn’t be a miserable series if she didn’t discover the many dark secrets and lies in her search.

On Apple TV+.

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