February 26, 2024

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The tractors were described as battered Leopard tanks

The tractors were described as battered Leopard tanks

“71 soldiers were killed and 210 wounded among the forces tasked with repelling enemy attacks,” said a press release issued by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. He also reported damage to fifteen tanks, nine armored vehicles, two cars and nine artillery pieces.

He said that Ukraine had deployed “a large amount of equipment and forces” in different parts of the front since Sunday and suffered losses in these attacks. “The attack attempt was thwarted, and the enemy failed to achieve its objectives and suffered heavy losses,” he added. Besides its losses, the Russian Defense Ministry has already reported 3,715 Ukrainian servicemen killed, 52 tanks “including 8 German Leopard tanks, 3 French AMX-10 armored vehicles, 207 armored fighting vehicles, 134 vehicles, 5 Planes and helicopters.

However, these outrageous claims appear to be based on nothing. This afternoon, the official news agency RIA Novosti published pictures that were supposed to show how a Russian helicopter destroyed Leopard 2 tanks. However, it is actually a Reaper that was destroyed last year during a training mission.

Russia claimed on Monday that it had repelled large-scale Ukrainian attacks, meaning this could be the main counterattack that Kiev has been preparing for months. Ukraine, for its part, has downplayed the fighting, but on Monday claimed territory near the ruined city of Pashmut, the epicenter of the fighting.

Shoigu also accuses Ukrainian forces of being responsible for destroying the dam in Nova Kakhovka. The destruction caused massive floods in the wide area around the dam.

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According to the Russian minister, this is sabotage aimed at preventing the Russian army from making gains in that place on the front, while Kiev, according to him, is transferring forces from this sector to reinforce its forces in other places.

Ukraine, for its part, accuses Moscow of being responsible for destroying the dam, which is located entirely in the territories occupied by Russia.