May 28, 2024

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The US continues to supply natural gas to Europe

The US continues to supply natural gas to Europe

US exporters continue to supply natural gas to Europe. While outsourcing to Asia is technically more profitable.

Why is this important?

Last summer, fears of natural gas shortages rose in Europe after Russia largely shut off the gas pipeline. Due to, among others, exceptionally warm winters, falling demand as a result of the economic crisis and European measures to consciously consume less gas, However, the expected burst of energy did not materialize.

Essence: About two-thirds of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) exported by the United States goes to Europe. That’s according to Laura Page, a data analyst at market analysis firm Kpler Bloomberg.

  • In recent months, sales of natural gas to Europe have been very profitable for exporters. This has to do with the hugely increased prices last summer.
  • For Europe, that was a blessing in disguise. After all, there were fears on the continent that reduced supplies would run out

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