February 21, 2024

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The US government wants fewer electric cars

The US government wants fewer electric cars

In the Netherlands, cities such as Amsterdam are leading the way with plans to allow only electric cars by 2030. In the US, progressive states like New York and California have similar objectives. Democratic-majority states want to ban sales of combustion engine cars by 2035.

The Republican state of Wyoming is now opting to move in a different direction with a bill: phasing out sales of electric cars. By 2035. The plan calls for a voluntary phase-out of electric car sales in the state to protect the state’s “proud and respected” oil, coal and gas industries and their associated jobs.

The proposal also points to the impracticality of electric transportation in a vast, sparsely populated state like Wyoming. The state is six times the size of the Netherlands, but has only half a million inhabitants.

is largely symbolic

The bill does not seek to mandate a phase-out of plug-in cars, but calls for Wyoming residents and businesses to participate voluntarily. So electric cars won’t be banned, but the bill’s proponents want to create a counterpoint to those who mainly support new cars. Therefore, the proposal calls for it to be sent to US President Biden, who has implemented many green initiatives, and others.

“You can almost take this as a joke, but this is a very serious issue that requires public debate,” Senator Brian Bonner, one of the bill’s sponsors, told the House. Cowboy State Daily. “I want to make sure that the solutions that some have for the so-called climate crisis are practical in real life. I don’t appreciate it when other states try to force technology that they’re not ready for yet.” Bonner said.

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Wyoming isn’t necessarily against green solutions, it just shows that there is one Large wind turbines In America. But for now, the state derives most of its revenue from fossil fuels, as it has for generations.