September 21, 2023

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The US Treasury Secretary is cautiously optimistic after a visit to China

The US Treasury Secretary is cautiously optimistic after a visit to China

Yellen in Beijing

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There are “significant differences of opinion” between the US and China, although “the world is big enough for both countries to thrive”. US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said. Yellen spoke to reporters at the end of a multi-day working visit to China, where she spoke with top Chinese officials.

Yellen said in Beijing that it was important for communication between the two countries to be “clear and direct” because of differences between the two countries. “President Biden and I do not view the diplomatic relationship between the United States and China through the lens of a great power struggle,” the minister said. According to him, diplomatic relations improved during the working visit.

Yellen described talks with China as “direct, substantive and productive.” He said the purpose of the visit was to strengthen economic ties. According to Yellen, the US does not want to completely disconnect its economy from China’s economy: “It would be disastrous for both countries and destabilize the world”. He called for greater cooperation on both the economy and climate.

Climate change

Yesterday, Yellen talked about climate change and the role of both countries in it. He said it was “vital” that his country and China work together to fight global warming. Both these countries are the largest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

Last month, US Secretary of State Blinken already visited Beijing. He was welcomed by Chinese President Xi Jinping and he emphasized that one of the objectives of his visit was direct contact.

Diplomatic relations between China and the US have been tense since February over a so-called ‘spy balloon’ incident. The balloon was spotted several times in North American airspace in January and February. The object was spotted over the northwestern state of Montana, where an airfield is located. A US warplane eventually shot down the balloon, China’s denial. The situation surrounding Taiwan also contributed to the tension.