May 31, 2024

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'The Voice' presenter Chantal Janzen is furious: 'Now turn the lid on and put the truth on the table'

‘The Voice’ presenter Chantal Janzen is furious: ‘Now turn the lid on and put the truth on the table’


Presenter Chantal Janzen has nothing to say on Instagram on Sunday to parties and people who “apparently participated in the disgusting practices of the the sound He knew them, kept them silent, and covered them.” Janzen thought it was ruined for all the staff working with heart and soul on the program, but they weren’t even aware of it.

GVsource: telegraph

“To parties and people who seem to have been part of disgusting practices for about ten years the sound They know, keep quiet and cover up, but the press now responds with “We are very shocked: Please leave these words to the victims,” Janzen begins to plead with her. “Yes, I only showed this for two years and just read in the press that I can’t really say anything About her so far: No, it turns out I already know a lot about this program.

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According to the program’s presenter, two years is enough time “to know that there are also a lot of people, the majority, who cooperate very cleanly and seriously” and have a heart for the program. “The work of this large group of people, leadership, clients, candidates, and employees, is now being destroyed by the actions and secrecy of a small group of people over the years.”

Janzen calls it “outrageous, sad and frustrating” and wants to make it clear what the truth is and what happened. “Now turn that lid on and put the truth on the table.” In her eyes, there is only one thing: “Victims and their families, after which nothing comes for a long time, and then all the staff and victims come somewhere, these are really shocked.”

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