April 15, 2024

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Already three new residents of the "Big Brother" house.

Already three new residents of the “Big Brother” house.

(Felner) Leroy, Julio and Hani. © Play 4

Three new residents have arrived at the “Big Brother” house. We present to them.

Hanne (36) from Genk

“Being Han is my best quality,” says Limberger, with Italian roots. “I am my character, pleasantly annoyed by the opening up of my character.”

As a single mother, she is curious to know who Hannah is when she is not with her daughter. Hanne claims she “reads people well and responds to them”. She says she can handle different personalities cleverly and wants everyone to like her.

Plus, Hanne doesn’t like to be directed and wants to be able to do her own thing. At work she is a team leader, so she has experience taking leadership within a group.

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Han. © Play 4

Leroy (31) from Den Bosch (Netherlands)

“I am very good at communicating,” Leroy believes himself. A caring father is hidden behind the strong appearance of this Brabant breed. Leroy has a four-year-old daughter, of whom he is very proud.

When he’s not working in his barbershop, he can be found at the fitness center. His appearance is very important to Leroy, because as a single womanizer, he believes that he should look good. Leroy is ready for a whole new challenge and wants to show his serious side as well as his kind and caring side at home.


Leroy. © Play 4

Julio (43) from Hoogerheide (NL)

Julio calls himself a “good theater guy”, who is always attentive to those around him. He participates in coaching, where he helps people, among other things, with relationship problems, stress for performance, and rediscover themselves.

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Let the latter be exactly what Julio is now ready for: reinventing his own identity. He is very curious about how he adapted to the group and whether he would abandon his principles to go too far on his own. Usually Julio is definitely not about corpses, but in Big brother Everything is different. “No, I can’t make better use of my time, I’m sitting here and I’m in it to win. ” (AED)


July. © Play 4