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The winner of the “BV darts” that no one expected: “In games I dare to play the man too much”

The winner of the “BV darts” that no one expected: “In games I dare to play the man too much”

Maxim after the victory overwhelmed with feelings.© VTM

Didn’t see this coming: definitive pi in arrows It was won by singer and actor Maksim Stojanac. The underdog team grabbed at the crucial moment and played the competition into a heap. “Although in the future I will stick to a game in the football canteen.”

Tom Fitts

Only with heels over the ditch did he manage to win a place in the final and for the audience was by no means a favorite. Everything indicates that it will be a battle between former athlete Hans van Alven and musician Tourist Lee MC. However, it was Mad Maks who took home the Season 2 Trophy BV shares It can be blown in the air.

“It feels so good,” Stojanac says proudly. He played a thrilling final game in which he doubled against Francesco Planckart. “At one point I was pretty much without a chance. I still don’t really know where I made the difference.” Then he saw his family sitting at a table. “They looked rather pathetic. But my brother said to give it all away again. Since I had nothing left to lose, I followed his advice. When I made this mental switch, everything went smoothly. From that moment on, I didn’t lose a single duel.” And so I won 3-2. In the final duel, Hans went for the ax 3-0. As if the talent for arrows had suddenly crept up on me.

Stojanac also attributes his victory to a bit of luck. “And you have to be good at math. This is probably the best throwaway tactic. It is important to know your favorite numbers in advance, and especially to practice with them.”

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Focus on the small arrow

It certainly wouldn’t be because of the hours of practice, because shortly after recording the first rounds in August, candidate Sarti Vandendrichy whispered to us that Stojanac was barely practicing. “That’s right. I had a busy schedule over the summer when shooting happened. There wasn’t much time for darts at home. Sometimes I had a free moment.”

Although later in the game he decides to prepare himself a little better. “In that final I took my time, and that was my luck. Because the level of the finalists was much higher than that of the participants in the preliminary rounds. I knew that Francesco Planckart stood in front of the board for at least two hours every day. So I had to cut a tooth too. Only then will you notice how intense this sport is, to keep you focused on it all the time.I had a job for several years where I regularly deal with stress.It’s not always easy to be yourself on stage when you have 10,000 people in front of you.But this game was something different Exactly: All of a sudden I had to focus on a small arrow and a board. It’s hard when there are so many eyes on you. The tension of the moment when you know the other person can get away with it was unbearable at times.”

man play

Stojanac does not consider himself a bad loser, but he wants to be the first in the competition. “When I lost 3-0 to Hans in the preliminary rounds, it wasn’t good. I still haven’t forgotten that moment. It’s also about the fact that I’m a footballer. So you don’t want to lose. Then sometimes you have to be crafty to pull out the victory.” Thee. In games I sometimes dare more to play the man than the ball.”

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He did not acquire a new great passion. “I love darts, but now that board is hanging in the garden. If I ever venture into a darts tournament again, it will most likely be in the football canteen.”