May 24, 2024

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The women upstairs on the new season of The Cooke & Verhulst show...

The women upstairs on the new season of The Cooke & Verhulst show…

Geert Verhulst and James Cook will meet again soon on “The Cooke & Verhulst show” on Play4. They immediately bring in some new regular guests, Tyne Emberchts in particular.

New season means new wind, so get Show De Cooke & Verhulst, which will soon be replaying on Play4, some new backgammon guests. Rani de Koninck regularly joined James Cook and Geert Verhulst this spring, and they are now joined by Margaret Hermans and Tyne Embrechts. The latter is mainly related to her work in VTM, although it is not intended to appear in a number of other Play4 programs from now on. The women above, although Herman Brusselmans can provide the necessary counterweight. Comedian Amelie Albrecht and sexologist Lotte Vanwesmail are also on board again, and the boat Ivana in Antwerp is once again replaced by the studio in Schell.

Show De Cooke & Verhulst It saw a drop in viewership in April, shortly after debut, but then bounced back straight. The numbers eventually rose on average to over 400,000. In addition to this cross-pollination, Gert Verhulst and James Cooke will also be broadcasting separate shows on Play4 next fall. in a Verhulstjes This time it follows the family in sunny Saint-Tropez, where they have a country house, and the cook comes with James, the musician. In it, the lives of famous Flemish people are represented – yes – in a musical, each with a different guest playing a major role.

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