April 21, 2024

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There are hardly any candidates for temporary employment as a driver in Great Britain...

There are hardly any candidates for temporary employment as a driver in Great Britain…

Hardly any candidates have been found for temporary work visas with which Great Britain wants to eliminate the shortage of drivers in the short term. Less than 10 percent of 300 temporary visas found a buyer. The British government confirmed this, denying an earlier message from Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

In the morning, Johnson was talking about 127 visa applications. “It’s 127, not 27,” he told the BBC. So spoke against what the newspaper times books. However, the government later had to confirm that it had only received 27 visa applications. “It’s a global issue and we’ve been working closely with the industry for months to understand how we can improve employment,” a government spokesperson said.

For his part, Johnson said: “It’s a wonderful illustration of the problem of disability.” He said this is “global” and affects other countries as well. But the problem is getting worse in Britain, according to the prime minister, “because of the strength of the economic recovery”.

The situation at gas stations continued to improve on Tuesday. However, the sector said 15 per cent of petrol stations in London and in the southeast, the hardest-hit areas, still had fuel in them. On Monday, dozens of soldiers were forced to help secure fuel supplies.

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There were long traffic jams at petrol stations in London and southeast England for ten days. The country is facing supply problems due to a shortage of truck drivers. According to the segment, there are one hundred thousand short drivers. The Corona pandemic and Britain’s exit from the European Union have already caused a long string of labor shortages. It has also led to empty shelves in supermarkets and supply problems at fast food restaurants and bars.

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Meanwhile, the government has adjusted its immigration policy to avoid empty shelves at Christmas. There will be up to 10500 temporary visa provided, of which 300 are for tanker drivers.

Rod Mackenzie, director of the Road Transport Association, blames limited interest in government proposals for short-term visas. “People don’t want to come unless it’s a really attractive proposition,” he said. times. “You wouldn’t give up a higher paying job for a better pay if it was only for a few months.”