June 5, 2023

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There is no nonsense about Christmas and New Year's, but a "matter of common sense" |  the interior

There is no nonsense about Christmas and New Year’s, but a “matter of common sense” | the interior

The federal government and the federal states met in the early hours of Wednesday morning to assess the situation of Corona in our country. It’s not good, so they come new measures. See what the advisory committee decided here:

For the first time in a long time, decisions also affect our private lives. The advisory committee recommends, among other things, “strongly” limiting social contacts “as much as possible” and making them “preferably” abroad.

However, the words ’embrace’ or ‘bubble’ are not used: Governments prefer not to impose concrete rules anymore, which threaten to get complicated quickly, as Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek (Forwitt) explained at the press conference afterward. “This is a matter of common sense and solidarity. Limit your contacts, keep your distance, and make sure you don’t have too large a group of people you don’t have.”

According to Deputy Prime Minister Vooruit, the elderly in particular – even if they have been vaccinated – should be careful. “It’s like going out in a hurricane with a strong umbrella,” he said. “Then maybe you shouldn’t go out.”

“People have to balance that themselves. But obviously if you don’t do it now, you’d rather restrict all your contacts and keep your distance from tomorrow morning. There’s a lot of virus circulating.”

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