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These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” are currently available in various colors, scents, types, and sizes. For example, you can purchase NFTs stating that you are the owner of a specific (digital) artwork. The market in this is growing and sometimes exorbitant amounts are being spent on this type of NFT. In this article we pick the four most expensive NFTs at the moment and take a look at the astronomical amounts that have been spent on them.

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This week Androidworld is all about Cryptocurrency† So this week we announce “Cryptoweek” in which we would like to make you global in this digital world. We discuss useful applications, provide you with explanatory and explanation articles and also consider the “risks” that could be nearby. We have already written many articles about crypto currency, a selection of which can be found below, and Here you will find a complete overview With articles week topic. So, in this article, we’ll dive a little deeper and take a look at the four most expensive NFTs ever.

4. CryptoPunk #7804: €6.3 million

Three CryptoPunks are in the top four of the most expensive NFTs to date. This is a unique set of pixel shapes. Each CryptoPunk is unique and has its own unique hairstyle, look, hat, and/or accessory. CryptoPunks came to market in 2017 as one of the first ever NFTs and was designed by Larva Labs. Nowadays they sell like hot cakes on the digital counter. You are currently paying for such a nice CryptoPunk minimum About 250,000 euros.

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And I’m talking about at least 250,000 euros. One of the most expensive is CryptoPunk No. 7804. For a CryptoPunk with a cool tube and sunglasses, about 6.3 million were paid. So why so much for CryptoPunk? Perhaps because only CryptoPunk #7804 has such a cap and tube, which makes it unique and therefore more valuable to buyers.

These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

3. CryptoPunk #7523: €9.9 million

Fashionable CryptoPunk with beautiful red cap, beautifully designed mouth cover in gray and gold earring. Unfortunately, the earring is not only made of (digital) gold, and for this the most exclusive CryptoPunk you had to cough up at least 9.9 million euros. This CryptoPunk is SOLD OUT 10 JUNE at Sotheby’s and bought by Shalom McKenzie, a businessman from Israel. NFT has since been sent to its digital wallet.

These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

2. CryptoPunk #5822: €21 million

on February 12 It became the most expensive CryptoPunk ever sold. CrypyoPunk #5822, with a Rafael Nadal-esque headband, was sold for $23.7 million, or about €21 million. It was acquired by Deepak Thapliyal, CEO of Blockchain Chain. One of the largest blockchain companies in the world. By purchasing CryptoPunk #5822, he now owns the original file.

These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

1. Every day: the first 5,000 days – more than 58 million euros

Of course there is always “boss over head” and in this case it’s Mike Winkelman, a digital artist and graphic designer from the United States. Someone has paid at least €58.2 million for NFT for his work “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”, a digital artwork made up of 5,000 images he has taken over the past thirteen years. This work is partly due to the fact that it was sold by auction house Christie’s. The largest and perhaps the most famous auction house in the world.

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These are the 4 most expensive NFTs to date

What do buyers actually get?

Each buyer of such a digital file will receive an NFT. In other words, the digital statement that a particular digital file belongs to him/her. Please note: They are the sole owners, NFT buyers do not get more rights. They can say that the digital file is theirs and they can also record this in the so-called blockchain so that everyone can see that the file is actually theirs.

In this article You can also read more about NFT and the (potential) risks involved. And do you want to create, buy and/or sell NFT on your own? In this article We will discuss the best NFT applications and give you some tips.

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