May 31, 2024

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These bike repair shops don't fix big bikes: 'Don't ring the bell on them yet'

These bike repair shops don't fix big bikes: 'Don't ring the bell on them yet'

You also cannot bring your big bike to Beekhoven Bikes in Amsterdam-Noord. “We never did that, because that market was disrupted by the intensification of traffic and the young people who ride it,” says Jeffrey Beckhoven. “We want to prevent young people from coming here and asking if we want to tighten the screws or if we can give their fat bike a boost.”

Additionally, the quality of fat bikes is often something to write home about. According to Beethoven, they break very quickly.

Legal fat bikes are not required

But it can also be done differently. “For some time now, there have been a few brands focusing on 'legal' fat bikes,” says T. Nijenhuis of Harry Wielersport. “People don't want that.”

Paul from Bikes and Boards from Amsterdam-IJburg experiences this firsthand. They have recently started selling Ruff Cycles bicycles, but sales are not great yet. “Because they don't have illegal chokeholds. Young people prefer those from AliExpress, which are much cheaper.”

A big bike of the brand they sell at Bikes and Boards can easily cost three thousand euros. You can get it on AliExpress for eight hundred. “And they're easy to upgrade. No, we're not touching the cheap ones either. I wouldn't put a ringer on them yet.”

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