March 2, 2024

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These innovative socks may become the most popular piece of clothing this winter  Nina

These innovative socks may become the most popular piece of clothing this winter Nina

King Winter is back and that means your hands will freeze, your cheeks will freeze and your legs will turn into icicles if you don’t dress outside. Although the latter was deleted. Wool socks are very popular right now, because you can wear your dresses without feeling even a little cold. With these eight items, you will spend the fall season in style and warmth.


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You have a closet full of dresses and skirts, and then winter comes. impossible You simply push half your wardrobe aside. So you wear tights, those nylon things that give you the illusion of an extra layer, but don’t actually block any icy breeze. Oh well, it looks nice.

The socks sold out in no time

It’s no surprise that a particular pair of pantyhose is popping up online this winter. Fashion lovers often share fashion tricks on social media. Last winter, they actually discovered socks with a wool inner layer, but they’re already promoting them for this winter as well Collectively Divine element.

What’s special about the socks is that they look like regular socks on the outside. Semi-transparent, close-up, elegant. But inside, a soft layer of fleece ensures your legs stay warm, no matter how cold it gets outside. Fashionable and practical: sacred duality.

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The socks in the video above are from Wibra and they work well online. TikTokkers are full of praise for him, so the message is to be quick. Understandable, for a competitive price of 10 euros. Fortunately, this type of pantyhose can now be found at many sellers. Search online for “wool socks” or “wool socks” and you’ll find them in all colors and sizes.

You can currently purchase such a copy at Action for €5.95. At Primark, wool socks cost barely €4. If you only find beige, don’t worry. TikTok users also share another trick: wear sheer black pantyhose on top and you’ll get the same effect.

Criticize. You can shop the warmest and softest wool socks here

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