December 6, 2023

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This classic and practical jewel is popular again: This is how to wear a tennis bracelet |  Nina

This classic and practical jewel is popular again: This is how to wear a tennis bracelet | Nina

In the The nineties A permanent staple in every woman’s jewelry box, today it is once again an indispensable piece: the tennis bracelet. A simple and elegant jewel covered with diamonds. Even men are walking around with it now. What makes this bracelet so trendy and where can you buy it?

At the time, the tennis bracelet adorned the wrists of fashion icons such as Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the late British Princess Diana. Now, after about 25 years, the elegant and sophisticated diamond-studded jewel is back on the market.

This is thanks to the great renaissance of fashion The nineties And the rise of trends such as Quiet luxury And Rich mom energy, who argue that luxury can also be hidden. Diamonds have always been very popular. The bracelet is also a huge hit on social media these days. And also hashtags #tennis_bracelet Now good for 251 million views on video platform TikTok.

Not just a favorite player on the tennis court

Al-Jawhara was formerly known as A Eternity braceletBecause the diamonds are set very closely to the jewelry. It was only given the name tennis bracelet at the 1978 US Open, when American tennis star Chris Evert debuted with the jewel around his wrist. I called it a good luck charm.

Chris Evert during a tennis match in 1978. © Getty Images

However, she lost it during the match, causing Chris to briefly stop the live match. This moment did not go unnoticed by many women and caused the popularity of the tennis bracelet to suddenly rise. Tennis players Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova have already been spotted with the jewel on their wrists.

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Left: Meghan Markle.  Right: Princess Diana
Left: Meghan Markle. Right: Princess Diana © Getty Images / Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

But nowadays the bracelet is very popular outside the tennis court. For example, Meghan Markle has been spotted several times wearing the jewel, the same expensive Cartier bracelet that her late mother-in-law Diana wore. Actress and girl Nicola Peltz, wife of Brooklyn Beckham, is also a fan of the classic gem.

This way you can wear the most elegant and timeless piece of jewelry ever

The bracelet design is often simple, elegant, classic and not very elegant. This makes the jewel practical, yet elegant, and thanks to the diamonds, also completely timeless. Perfect for everyone and all occasions, even your wedding day, according to one TikTok star. It seems to be a must-have accessory for every woman, and it will take your outfit to the next level in an instant.

The piece of jewelry usually comes in white, yellow gold, or platinum. Although nowadays you have a much greater choice. Would you like it more eye-catching? Then choose one encrusted with colorful Swarovski crystals or diamonds. And between us: They certainly don’t have to be real. So something for every budget. Who has 20,000 to 30,000 euros left over to buy a bracelet like that of Serena Williams or the Duchess of Sussex?

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From left to right are Lenny Kravitz, Pete Davidson and Lil Nas
From left to right are Lenny Kravitz, Pete Davidson and Lil Nas © Getty Images/Instagram @lilnasx

You can even combine multiple tennis bracelets with each other. A complete set of jewelry on your ear, fingers or wrist is also very popular. In addition, it is a more original gift than a diamond ring or pendant. Despite its history, it is suitable for active women.

However, the bracelet is not just for women. Men are also big fans of diamonds on their wrists, as singer Lenny Kravitz, comedian Pete Davidson and rapper Lil Nas

Criticize. You can shop the most elegant and timeless tennis bracelets here

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