September 22, 2023

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This European prince played a role in a Hollywood movie

This European prince played a role in a Hollywood movie

Movie theaters are busier than ever due to the hype of Barbie and Oppenheimer. However, you may have missed the fact that this prince plays a role in a Hollywood movie that was released last summer. Do you already know who we’re talking about?

The photo actually reveals it a bit: He is one of the children of Crown Prince Pavlos with his wife, Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece. Crown Prince Pavlos is the heir to the last king of Greece, King Constantine, who died earlier this year. Since there has been no active monarchy in Greece since 1973, the descendants of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie are free to live their lives as they wish. One of the grandchildren has found his way in Hollywood.

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Greek Prince Achilleas Andreas is a secret acting talent

23-year-old Greek Achilleas Andreas is the second son of Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal and holds the symbolic title of Prince. Since his grandmother is the sister of Queen Margrethe of Denmark, his official title is: Prince of Greece and Denmark. Greece does not recognize his title “Prince of Greece”, but Denmark recognizes his title “Prince of Denmark”. For this reason, both titles are often used when talking about the young prince.

But besides being a member of the royal family, he is currently mainly pursuing his acting dreams.

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For example, Prince Achilleas Andreas plays a modest role (in his own words) in the Hollywood film “No Hard Feelings” with actress Jennifer Lawrence. You probably didn’t notice this. “I’m proud to play a small role in my first film. This is very special!” He writes on his Instagram account. After this Hollywood debut, more roles will undoubtedly come for the Greek and Danish prince. It won’t be because of his fan base, because he now has 442,000 followers on Instagram.

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