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The Yellow Sign is the most expensive Belgian film project ever |  Film adaptations

The Yellow Sign is the most expensive Belgian film project ever | Film adaptations

Since 1985, there have been a lot of adventure-based movie plans Yellow mark by Blake and Mortimer To go to the cinema. Then it was Edgar B. Jacobs He is still involved in a possible adaptation of the film. It was his explicit request to introduce a feminine Eurasian or Asian touch. Under the title M This would happen several times after that, including with the Chinese actress Gong Li (Mulan, Red wheat field, Miami Vice, Hannibal’s growth) in the role of Professor Septimus, James Caviezel (Passion of Christ, Someone interesting) As Ulrich O Rufus Sewell (Diplomat, Knight’s story, Holiday, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, the father, old) Like Blake. A new announcement came recently. This project seems more realistic, because recordings should take place this winter for the planned release during the Christmas holidays of 2025.

Belgian film distributor and producer Belga Film Collection Contributes to the adaptation of an English language film, such as yellow m. Fransman is responsible for directing Cédric Nicolas Troyan Shown. Nicholas Troyan left his mark in the world of cinema in the visual effects department for films such as killer(s), Photographers, One hour photo, the ring, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest And mischievous. For his work on Snow White and the Huntsman It received an Academy Award nomination. to Hunter: Winter War And Kate He shot his first films as a director. In French Netflixseries Anger. He grew up with sitcoms. Patrick VandenboschCEO of Belga Films Group, is excited about the adaptation of the classic comedy: “Fans can be sure of that yellow m “It will be a cinematic spectacle, with a smart, entertaining and visually innovative new chapter that is sure to captivate a wide audience.”

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A bill of €25-30 million has been prepared for the budget. This makes the film the most expensive Belgian film project ever. Raising this budget is currently underway. The $5 million must come from the Belgian tax shelter, a financially beneficial system known internationally for film and television production provided there is a Belgian contribution as well. Between half a million and 1.5 million euros are usually raised through regional investment funds in the audiovisual sector, e.g Wall picture, Brussels And Flanders Screen. Filmmakers also rely on the cooperation of TV channels, streaming platforms and others. The bulk must come from international sales, and international distribution rights for one or more territories. Of this amount, around €15 million has already been raised, based on the popularity of the comedy and the film’s script. It is clearly aimed at an audience aged 16-34, but is much younger than the average reader Blake and Mortimer.

Dutch Jan Kunin (Stork flight, Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinskybut he is also known as the floundering manager blueberryFilm from 2004) with Jay Ferguson The script is written. This was done in a similar approach to comedy film adaptations marvel And Capital Reminds us, according to Belga Films Group. Modifications were made by Nicolas Troian. As for the actors, he’s British Kate Rhodes James (Napoleon, dragon house) official, but it is not yet known who will play Blake and Mortimer. They will definitely be A-list British names. This also applies to the other main characters: Ulrik, Septimus, and the new female character Nina. At the upcoming Cannes Film Festival, which starts on May 14, Belga Films hopes to be able to submit one or a few names. At the same time, it should help convince more international markets for distribution rights. According to Patrick Vandenbosch, the various casting agents are “very fond” of the project.

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Vandenbosch also assumes that sales of the comedy series, which is already one of the best-selling European comedy series with hundreds of thousands of copies for each new album, will increase further after the film. At the same time, it should lead to more trade. “If all the planets align, we hope to raise more than €150 million worldwide,” he added. Leko Outside. He added: “This may make us think about adapting other albums or sub-series, given the richness of the stories and characters.”

Originally, Jacobs himself was clearly influenced by the films Yellow mark To create or create. He got his inspiration from the movie crazy Love From 1935, which in turn was inspired by the novel Why who is Dorlak? by Maurice Renard. Many of the comedic scenes fit seamlessly into scenes from the film: the train accident, Septimus’ hypnotic powers, moments of madness,… Ma 1931 film by the German Expressionist director Fritz Lang It is also a basis Yellow markfor example the scene in which the protagonist Peter Lore He gets the letter “M” for “Murderer” written in chalk on his cloak.