June 17, 2024

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This is how much the Dogecoin founder DOGE » Crypto Insiders . has

Billy Marcus, aka “Shibitushi Nakamoto”, started a new crypto project in 2013 with his partner Jackson Palmer called Dogecoin (DOGE). It was originally intended to be purely a joke, but after some time his project started gaining traction among cryptocurrency investors. Marcus announced on Twitter exactly how much DOGE he owns now. It turns out that the founder of the project is not exactly whale is being.

Shibitoshi Nakamoto

Although Markus is the founder of dogecoin, he is currently not related to the network. He is not actively involved in the development of the Dogecoin network, but sometimes talks about the situation.

Marcus makes this clear again on Twitter. In his own words, he is nothing more than a member of the dogecoin community. However, he will continue to support the dogecoin community whenever he sees fit.

In addition, it lets you know how much DOGE he personally owns. It is often thought that as a founder you should own a huge amount of tokens, but nothing is less true. Marcus owns about 220,000 dogs. Today, these tokens have a market value of just $40,000.

While that’s a decent amount for the average person, Marcus with his investment in DOGE doesn’t have the ability to significantly affect the price. Instead, he uses his status as founder to lead the de dogecoin community.

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Palmer Negative on Dogecoin

His co-creator of dogecoin, Jackson Palmer, is more negative about Dogecoin and the rest of the world Cryptocurrency. He hates that it brings out the worst aspects of capitalist society.

According to Palmer Cryptocurrency exists only to make a small amount of the wealthy get richer. In the case of Dogecoin, there is also something to be said about this. The vast majority of DOGE tokens are owned by a very small group of investors.