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This is how you make sure Siri turns off all your alarms right away

This is how you make sure Siri turns off all your alarms right away

Do you hear an alarm somewhere in the house? You don’t have to break into the other side of your house to turn off the alarm, but you can simply enable Siri, for example on your iPhone.

You just got it: You’ve set an alarm to remind you of something, like a meeting or as a notification when the oven is ready, but then you’re in another room. Fortunately, you can enable Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or HomePod, so you don’t have to leave everything you’re working on right away.

iPhone, iPad, and HomePod: How to turn off alarms

All you have to say to Siri is: Hey Siri, turn off the iPhone alarm. Of course, you could also mention your iPad or HomePod instead. Unfortunately, it is important that you report which device the alarm should be turned off. Otherwise, Siri will say that there is no alert set on the device you are talking to.

However, it is important to know that this function only works on devices with iOS 16 or iPad OS 16. So it will not work on iPhone or iPad with an older version.

Apple, Amazon and Google smart home
Siri logo (Photo: Apple)

How to enable Siri

Of course, you must have Siri enabled to use this handy alarm clock killer. Get your iPhone or iPad and go to Settings. then press Siri and search. You now have two options. Could you Listen to “Hey Siri” Turn it on and activate the smart assistant in this way.

The other option is Press the side button for Siri to enable. Then all you have to do is briefly press the power button on your iPhone or iPad to bring up Siri. If you wish, you can of course also activate both options. If you’re not able to talk, you can still get started with the smart assistant, but you can also call Siri if your hands haven’t been free for a while.

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