December 1, 2023

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This is Taylor Swift’s secret to perfect red lips  Nina

This is Taylor Swift’s secret to perfect red lips Nina

Everything Taylor Swift touches turns to gold. Or should we say red? The pop icon has been wearing red lipstick for years. And since it became her go-to accessory again during “The Eras Tour,” Swiftie and beyond have been diligently applying the red stuff. We found Taylor’s favorite shade and discovered the secret that makes her rock those perfect lips for hours.

Is this lipstick Taylor Swift’s favorite accessory? This has been etched into the beauty world for years. With perfect red lips, the pop icon sings her songs one after another for nearly three hours on “The Eras Tour.” In her songs “Style,” “Wildest Dreams,” and “Blank Space,” she drops her favorite color. In the stands is her new one The lover, football player Travis Kelce, pluck your (lipstick) hair right away. Recently I noticed Travis with a touch of red in his whiskers after getting out of a taxi with Miss Swift. Red lipstick always reveals the truth.

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This is Taylor’s favorite. “Retains its shape for over 12 hours”

What’s Taylor’s favorite lipstick these days? This is the Pat McGrath Labs LiquiLUST Legendary Wear Matte Lipstick in the shade “Elson 4”. She also wore the same color in her “Bejeweled” music video and on the red carpet at the VMAs in 2022.

It’s no surprise that Taylor swears by this lipstick. It maintains its soft, matte texture for over 12 hours (!) without becoming dry or crunchy. The secret behind this success formula is a kind of stretching effect. This makes the lipstick have a velvety soft and comfortable texture, allowing Miss Swift to wear it effortlessly for 3 hours. “It unfolds like a second skin,” they even write on Pat McGrath’s website.

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Left: Pat McCrath.  Middle: Nars.  Right: Mac
Left: Pat McCrath. Middle: Nars. Right: Mac © rack

The bad news about this eye-catching shade? They are sold everywhere. But don’t be sad. Taylor has more red lipstick in her beauty bag. At the prestigious MET Gala in 2014, she wore Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. She said at the time that she had a different favorite in 2015 the people. “I recently discovered MAC’s Ruby Woo. Everyone has been looking at lipstick as a staple product for some time now. I think I was the last person on Earth to know about it.”

The secret to perfect red lips. “Sometimes your lips dry out.”

Taylor has been swearing by red lips for years, and has since figured out how to not pull out her stick every time. “I apply lipstick and then put a tissue between my lips and wipe it off. To keep the color as long as possible, I put a tissue over my mouth and put a little translucent powder on top.” Red book.

Our beauty editor, Sophie Verekin, understands the Taylors’ tactics. “Wiping it off with a tissue always helps keep the lipstick beautiful for as long as possible. A trick I also use is to apply a second coat after swatching.

Be prepared to do some scrubbing at night to remove the red cast

Sophie Verekin, Beauty Editor

“If you want to maintain the shine of your lipstick, skip that second layer. If you want a more matte look, you can wipe it again with a tissue. Then, like Taylor, apply a layer of translucent powder on top. Then pat it gently again.

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Although there is a small catch. “This tactic can make your lips dry,” says Sophie. “You can then slather a layer of Vaseline or Labello over it. And be prepared to do a fair amount of scrubbing at night to remove the red cast. This tactic gets the lipstick into the lips more than the substance on it. Use a cotton ball or perhaps an oil-based cleanser to remove the lipstick.” There is no toothbrush.”

Are you looking for an affordable but equally good version of Taylor’s lipstick? Sophie recommends a few.

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